It’s over. Let’s just be friends


People of Ukraine and Russia, please, don’t be influenced by media. And don’t make conclusions based on information, which highlights only one of the sides. Read Ukrainian and Russian media, compare the information, doubt it and try to find the hidden truth. Both are exaggerating and adopting the truth to their interests. Try to look not only at Russia’s faults, but at our own as well. Only if we understand the reasons of conflict, we may prevent it from escalation.

Right now, I see mutual fear and misunderstanding between Ukraine’s new government and Russia, which reminds more of the battle between West and East on the territory of Ukraine. There are groups of people, who very radically express their support for either Russia or Ukraine. But they make only one part of the whole, while the rest of the Ukrainians and the Russians hope and pray for peace and safety for everyone.

Ukraine and Russia have many tragic pages in history. However, history is written a different way in each country and we cannot tell for sure, what the truth was. Therefore, in this difficult time, when Ukraine fights for better future, we should ignore those Russian ‘imperialistic’ and Ukrainian ‘fight against oppression’ states of mind which are imposed on us by national versions of history. We should meet halfway for the peace of our people.

To my mind, the Ukrainians should not use those nationalistic slogans that offence Russians, because they provoke the responding actions. The Russians, from their prospective, should show respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and struggle for better future. If the people of Ukraine see their future in Europe and Yanukovych betrayed their aspirations, he cannot be legal anymore and it is people’s right to elect a new government that can correspond with the people’s will. And it must be admitted by Yanukovych and Russian government, whether they want it or not.

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